May. 11th, 2012

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 Hello all. 
I feel as though I have just feasted on glitter and washed it down with grease-paint. For, dear people, I have just finished my voyage through the most decadent musicals known to me, and it was glory. Pure darkly delicious joy, mixed with brash colors and bold statements, where lines are blurred and so are opinions . Its like a separate world, one that exists to parody and twist the rational daylight hours like carnival glass.

I started with Chicago, then I watched Moulan Rouge, then as an act of pure self indulgence I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Lastly, I watched Caberet. There are so many parallels between Frank and Emcee. Both are impish characters that live entirely upon the stage, whether they are literally upon it or not. They are the dictators of their own little kingdom, masters of their dens of sins. They live to please, yet are utterly and selfishly absorbed within their universe of glitter, and their skewed morals allow them to do anything in the name of music and dancing. Love and lust, hate and death, all are twisted together in a web of ultimate theater, at which both sit at the heart, pulling threads to bring the object of their desire closer. All in the name of showmanship. Yes, these too make-up wearing marauders are all that is great and terrible about the world, and I adore them for it.

In Chicago, it is the same. Stardom is loved and revered so much that even tasting it or having it taken away can drive one to bloodlust. Corruption and sequinned beauty are worshiped above all else. As is in Moulan Rouge, nothing is as it appears, everyone is a character. And yet, with this facade in place, everyone is more real, more tangible, more themselves than ever before. It just just goes to show the epic power of the stage.

And now? No song, as I can't find a video that I am allowed to embed. No matter, I beg of you still to listen to the songs, as they are beyond divine!

Eight-Leggedly (and decadently) Yours
The Literary Spider


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