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Who am I, you ask? Well, I am most definitely not normal, but I don't fit into any of the so-called alternative cliques either. I'm not goth, I'm not punk, I'm most certainly not emo. In fact, if I were to give myself a genre, it would be something along the lines of "Steampunk-Lolita-Pirate-Hippy-Goth-Mori Girl-With a penchant for raising Cain" but I'm not even sure that comes close. I have a Joker obsession, a kawaii obsession, a mori kei obbssesion, a word obsession, a johnny depp love, a vintage passion and an obscure and whimsical outlook. I adore Tim Burtons work, am an avid tea drinker and I am not very tactful. I also have a Rocky Horror addiction and I am interested in conspiracy theories and show tunes (Sometimes at the same time). Basically, if you took The Joker, luna lovegood, a unicorn, rue, sailor scout saturn and eeyore, mixed them with Frank-Un-Furter, Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and Emily from Corpse Bride, then added "People Are Strange" from the Lost boys and "I'm going Home" from R.H.P.S, you'd pretty much have me. I'd love to talk to you whoever you are, but be prepared if the conversation takes a few strange turns, I'm cool like that. :)
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