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Dear all, 

I just don't really know how to explain my absence, except to say that it was almost all warranted. I mean, so much happened!! So, so many things that have changed my life for the better in little and big ways, and while I know it was bad of me to neglect my social media empire real-life demanded to be listened to for once! 

To sum up, here is what happened: 

-My mum and dad, after 17 years, got engaged. It wasn't a standard affair either, he was performing Jet's Are You Gonna Be My Girl on stage, and pulled out the ring to the line the song is named after. It was divine.

-I performed my full run of school shows! We Will Rock You was a truly inspirational thing, my first and last, and best school show. I will never again be so happy to be cast as Madonna, I don't think. 

-And in other love related news, I can safely say I am no longer forever alone. All I am saying! :)

And there was a myriad of other things too, which I cannot really explain. They are the kinds of memories that are but sensory collections and blurry images to the soundtrack of a song you barely remember. Divine, but vague. Suffice to say, this has been my best Christmas in a long time, and I have that contented warm feeling that comes so rarely to me. 

Scheduled Broadcasting back again soon :)


Apr. 16th, 2016 08:12 pm
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So I went to go see Rocky Horror (again!) With a very, very good friend and I had a really awesome time. The atmosphere, as always, was pure electric, and remembering it got me thinking about my sparkle. Now I'm not sure how many of you will relate to this, because I've never met anyone ever who admits to having one, but all I know is the sparkle is a very beautiful, and very dangerous thing.

You see, it's a kind of nostalgia, but rawer, more brutal, more enticing. It will convince you that all the things you are going to do pale into insignificance when compared to stuff you have done before. It makes all the past events, friendships and relationships seem edged with gold and tinted with rose-scented glory, a kind of beauty that you will never again attain, but did then, in the past.

And sometimes this sparkle gets out of hand. It is so beautiful that you can't help but believe it, and somewhere along the way you come to the conclusion that nothing will ever be as it once was and you have thrown away all the things that held the Sparkle.

It's in the friendships you let fade, the meet-ups with friends you declined. The relationships you ended or let end, the relationships you could of had but didn't go for, the relationships you could of had but were too scared. It's the friend of a friend you never got to know, the person across the room you never talked to.

The sparkle is in all the missed opportunities, and all the taken ones too, serving as a constant reminder that you never do enough, and that anything you do is worthless when compared to what came before. I know it well, and when I am down it is adictive to remember, the highest escapism. But I am trying not to let it affect me so, for the past is past.

Stay Present,
Your Skye
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The classic Brit awards were on, and I, being the theatre child I am, decided to watch it.

To find Sierra and Ramin, my favourite Christine and Phantom ever to exist (Sorry Sarah) singing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. Cue me, on the floor, having a fullscale Phangirl breakdown, because it was the most exquisite thing I have seen in a long, long time. The chemistry, oh their chemistry! It was beautiful and haunting and painful and heartbreaking. And their voices, oh their voices! Crystal and gorgeous and a perfect storm, with him as the thunder and she the lightning.

I cannot explain the depth of my love for this musical. Something in the story grabbed me and wouldn't let go. All I know is as I saw Sierra up there, exquisite and ethereal, my passion to play Christine has never burned brighter. I want to play her, no matter how amutuer the production is. In a way, as my life echoes hers so closely, I am her.

And to all the musical theatre kids, and the thespians and the Phans; I know you will understand me when I say this...

One day, I will play her, and I will just want to drop dead right as the curtain falls, so I never have to live another second, and so I could live in a moment that perfect forever.

Do you have a dream-role like that, dear invisible reader?

Stay Different
Your Skye...
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It feels like autumn. It really, truly feels like it. You can just tell, because the wind has changed. It's not lazy, as it was in summer, but awake and just a little bit foreboding. I love it, because autumn truly is my favourite season, and I often mourn the fact I am a summer child.

But no matter. It will soon be time to choose a halloween costume, and I have no idea what it is to be. Alice Madness, Christine (Phantom Of The Opera) Evil Snow White, or Columbia (The Rocky Horror Show)? I don't know, they're all so enticing, but chances are it won't be the 2nd one, as I doubt I'll be recognised. It's a tradgedy, the lack of Webber fans in my area...

What are you, dear non-existent reader, going as?

Stay Different
Your Skye...
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"I've always had a repulsive desire to be something something more than human"

Although this is a Bowie quote and as such has very little to do with The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, I hope it makes sense when I say that for me, it is the one quote that can perfectly sum up the film for me.

Let me tell you, the film was glorious.

I had read the book a little earlier on the day I went to see it, and so when I sat down ((There were only 6 of us in the cinema you know)) I had the story and its emotions fresh in my mind. I took with me a very quiet friend who we shall call Alice, who is sweet and kind but prefers her mum to think she is on facebook rather than writing, who knew nothing of the film or its plot. She just agreed to come because that is how our friendship works, we go see films together.

The film was beyond words. The Rocky Horror Show is and always has been an intrinsic part of my life, owing to a friend I rarely see and do not feel as if I understand anymore, so to see it referenced almost reduced me to tears. As with all teenagers, The Smiths have been a great help and comfort to me whenever I have felt in any way alone. To hear asleep played did reduce me to crying, and I am not ashamed of that.

After seeing it, I skyped a friend, and we stayed up for an age in the dark, talking about it. The really sad thing is, we decided, that we related to Charlie most at his two lowest points. I when he was talking about how he didn't know how to stop noticing people, and their pain, because daily I face the torrent of other humans with a sense of fearful exhaustion, because when I see people my mind spirals out of control speculating, connecting everything and everyone until all is one blur of life with no end and beginning, and still I keep thinking new things until my mind threatens to explode. As for my friend, let us just say that to her pain is no stranger, and she saw in him the same desperate, self-destructing urge as lives within her.

I have concluded then, that it is this that makes us what we are. Wallflowers. A virtual generation that study to remember to forget in time to remember again, who a not as clever nor as stupid as those before us.

Stay Different
Your Skye...
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 Hello all,

So much has happened! We had our first costume meeting for We Will Rock You, and I am excited beyond belief! Leather, lace, velvet, and studs, what's not to like? We're channeling 80's rockers, which is essentially my entire wardrobe. 

In other news, I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 last weekend. From one student to the world, I strongly recommend it, it's like a scrapbook meets PC meets Planner meets Best Friend. I adore it, even if it is causing me to waste so, so much time. 

Also, DOCTOR WHO! I cried.. But only at the River/11 parts, which were just too much. Moffat...!

So that's the updatey thing,

Eight-Leggedly Yours, 
The Literary Spider
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 Hello all...

So I was making the rounds of youtube as per usual, when I came across another girl vlogger. Now most of these usually only post make-up tutorials, humor vlogs with seemingly no point, or if I'm really lucky video's where they fangirl about the same things as me.., 

But today. Today I found something different, I found a channel that did all three. Not only that,but they are the first female vlogger I've ever found to talk about those hipsteresque issues that are interesting and relevant at the same time. Amazing! A girl actually standing up for her subculture in an articulate and hilarious manner, thank god! 

So here she is, gal of the hour so to speak: 

If I ever get the courage together to put my ugly-mug on camera, this is what I will be doing. Preach it girl! ((I'm never ever going to say that again ever))

Eight-Leggedly Yours, 
The Literary Spider


Sep. 17th, 2012 12:00 pm
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Hello All,

Spending way too much time creating sets on Polyvore is not productive, nor is spending far too much time on Tumblr. So of course my brain only wants to do these too things, instead of the script I have to work on, the fanfic I've left stranded in one place, and the promising looking character analysis I have opened but neglected in word.


Eight-Leggedly Yours,
The Literary Spider
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Welcome, welcome! It's time for the second in my line of Bingley Music Live memories. These too bands are completely different except in the sense of comedy. Because these two bands especially that were amazingly hilarious and you need to listen to because they are just so damn epic and golden and full of sunshine!!!

First Off: The Lancashire Hotpots!

Yes, I'm aware I have talked about them prior to their gig, but they were so good I have no regrets in talking about them again. My friend went home on the first night, so that was sad, and then my dads friend went home on the second night, so no-one went to see them except for me and my dad. That was okay though, because it meant we could fight to the front (which we did) and by the time the thing started we were on the front row. 

This was not a gig, it was a show. I mean that in the most theatrical sense possible. My two chief loves (aside from Writing) are music and theatre, which explains why I adore musical theatre so much, and the Hotpots were a perfect mixture of both. They sang amazingly, but it was much more about the experience.Let me explain:

I'm sure you're all aware of the huge Yorkshire/Lancashire divide (war of the roses and all that) so I won't bore you with details. Going to the gig however, I was incredibly worried that this huge hatred would flare up, and it did. Standing at the fron't, drunk men all around started screaming Yorkshire, and of course the opposing side chimed in soon after. Now, I'm a Yorkshire lass at heart, so I joined in, only to stop a minute later with a brilliant idea. When the shouting died down, me and the parent screamed even louder.


It worked, everyone laughed and it was amazing. All through the gig the rivalry was shouted to the stage, and at one point we were all split into two, for a pantomime-style shout-off. Then the lead singer told all the drunk men to unite the red and white roses, and to stand proudly under a large pink flower. That went incredibly well. 

The songs they sang included "I fear Ikea", "Oh No, He's Turned Emo", "Larger, Bitter, Stout!" and "Chippy Tea" I was happy to find I remembered all the words, and earned a wink from the lead singer for singing as loud as I did and being as young as I was. They threw sweets into the crowd while dressed as Pirates to promote sneaking in your own sweets into cinemas, wore incredibly camp binmen suits for apparently no reason, and pretended to finish the set three times before they actually did. It was a good gig. 

And now, to Sadie & The Hotheads! 

These people were like the coolest older uncles and aunts you could ever wish to have. Appearance wise they harked back to a mixture of smooth Jazz musicians and Flapper Girls, and as they were set on a stage dressed with clocks, umbrellas, dusty books and violins, they fitted in perfectly. Looking at them in their trilbies and velvet outfits they looked like they'd just stepped out of the TARDIS.

I'm not going to lie, it was a quiet gig. It was raining, it wasn't the mainstage, and their wasn't all that many people there. However, it was one of the best gigs simply due to the quality of the music. Their personas and charisma were funny and bright and sparkling, but above all the music was ace. It's the kind of genre that just defies description, so I will show instead of tell, but this band deserves to be a lot, lot bigger than they are...

Sorry I posted less music this time, it's just these bands are hard to find and/or I've posted all my faves before. Oh, I'm so hipster!

Eight-Leggedly Yours,
The Literary Spider
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 Hello Darling Dears!

This is the first of my BML memories, BML of course being Bingley Music Live, the festival I attended for the third year running. I reviewed it very quickly last year, if you've had the misfortune to be subscribed that long you'll know how slapdash and not very good it was. So, to remedy this I'm going to spotlight each band I saw seperatley. Or in two's. Probably the latter.

So here's Ep One; King Charles & We Are Evergreen.

We Are Evergreen went first, on the Raise The Roof stage, so it's only fitting they get the first review. In a word, Summery.

That's all I really need to say, because that's what they were. The sun was shining, everyone was trying to dance in wellies without spilling their drinks, the air was sweet and they were Summery. However, they weren't just a filler while the King Charles fangirls found their way to the front, oh no. I'd go so far as to say they were entirely unique.

Their website classifies them as Indie-Electro-Pop, and this fits the bill quite nicely. They're one of those bands you find in Youtube Narnia* at three in the morning, forget about, then find yourself humming as you pull your clothes on the next day. They were jangly, immensely funny to watch, and the way they swapped instruments constantly and with ease was amazing. All in all, they were the most endearing trio I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Also, they danced around a lot, their accents were adorable and the guy on the drums/guitar/others looked EXACTLY like Johnny Depp.

They were a good watch, and I will be going to see them again I think. So here's my favourites.

So that's that. They're at, so hit them up! You won't regret it, or you won't if you have any sense of childlike whimsy.

And Now: King Charles!

What can I say? I started the day knowing nothing more about him than his haircut and tendency to make girls squeal. Let me tell you, their screaming was entirely warranted, and I may be joining their ranks next time. His website has this to say about him, which is the most unassuming and modest sales pitch I've ever read: 

"King Charles is an extraordinary man. He doesn't look like anyone you know, he doesn't think like anyone you know and he doesn't make music like anyone you know."

Well how about that? I have to say though, it's true. When he walked out on stage, there was no doubt about who he was. You know those people who just have a vibe? And you see them and you just know that they're a little different, a little mad, a little genious? Well he had a vibe, and a strong one at that.

Soundwise, it's hard to say. Some of it was heavy and wailing, some of it sounded like the afore mentioned band. I'm no expert, but he's been compared by others to Prince, Adam Ant and Hendrix. I'll leave you to make up your mind about those claims, but the gig was exceptional. He stood on the drums, threw stuff into the crowd, did the international Jesus pose at least 11 times and even came out after to meet us. 

I daresay he's a decent lad who's going to get a hell of a lot bigger, so I advise you to listen to him NOW! It was a great gig, especially when he invited W.W.E back on stage and they all bounced around to We didn't start a fire until his dreads tumbled loose and the crowd lost their voice. 


Eight-Leggedly Yours
The Literary Spider

*Youtube Narnia: Click on one unsigned indie bands song and follow the trail of the related videos until you get the ones with barely any views, no literal lyrics, soulful guitar and comments like "I'm in Narnia and I never want to leave" It's good fun. I recommend it. 

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 I really, really wanted them to get divorced.
Like really. 

Yes, I'm aware that makes me a monster but I did. Doctor Who is so good at making the most viscous real-life atrocities bearable; it's dealt with death, loss, genocide, racism and more. So if any show is qualified to bring up a subject that is just as taboo and tragic, I think Doctor Who may be it. And lets face it, although all the big horrors get dealt with, the little ones rarely do outside soaps, and they're the ones people relate to.

IDK, I just thought Moffat would have done well with it, and made it sensitive and realistic, because it felt a little Syrupy-not-real-happy-ending-niceness, and Moffat isn't exactly famous for that. Plus, and this the less mature reason, I really dislike Rory.

Sorry 'bought that.,,

In other news though, the episode was amazing. I wish they'd have made the Daleks a little more unsettling and crazed, and put a little more emphasis on the asylum part, but the twist was amazing and I really enjoyed it.

One thing though, how did the daleks but the chains on the the other Daleks...?

Eightl-Leggedly Yours
The Literary Spider
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Hello fellow Internet lingerers, once again I find myself apologizing for being absent.

Let's say I was being erratic to appear as though I lead an interesting and fast-paced life. In reality, I was busy doing (mostly) dull things, and getting so sucked into Tumblr that everything else ceased to exist. In fact, if my dash wasn't dead right now I'd be losing motivation as we speak. But it is, and I'm not, so I'm here.

It's been an interesting summer, it really has. West End Stage was the largest of hits, so big in fact that it deserves and will get its own post. Bingley Music Live was simply radiant, and will get a slightly larger post with lots of music in it. Shreck The Musical will be getting reviewed, and then you can expect me running my mouth about some deep video things I've been watching.

And that's excluding my Sherlock feels.

Eight-Leggedly Yours
The Literary Spider
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 Hello dears,

So today I went to see Recipe for life, at the West Yorkshire playhouse. My sister was in it, as were several of my friends; this proved to me that Quarry Hill is indeed the cradle of culture. I myself was not involved, and I bitterly regret it, but I had an amazing time.

The entire night was in support of Space 2, a small but big-impact charity that focused on bringing health to communities through the arts and creative outlets. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but it was amazing. There were appearances from Northern Contemporary Dance, (Close to my heart, as I attend there) Phoenix Dance (also close to my heart, as that's where the Better half attends) Yorkshire Dance (Also close, as my sister was performing there) and First Floors shake the Dust poets (Where my friends performed, and were amazing)

I adored every minute of it. NSCD did a harrowing piece on the 7 ages of man. It was based on the experiences of the members of an old man club started by space two. It was confusing, painful to watch, and awkward, but all in a deliberate way that meant you couldn't tear yourself away for a moment. Akin to a car crash or the eyes of a python, I was a entranced. To open it, one member of the club said he was going to recite two poems. one about getting old but getting through, and one about having arthritis in his hands and overcoming it. I thought it would be good. 

Then he began to sing, and from him pored the richest, jazziest voices I've ever heard. It was like velvet, it was gorgeous,he finished to rapturous applause, and there was electricity then more than ever. It was amazing also.

The yorkshire dance was adorable. What could be better then loads of tiny little people with so much "swag" you were caught between creasing with laughter and actually ducking in submission. Their space-age soundtrack was cute, their miming was cuter, and my sister did excellent. I was, so to speak, like a proud parent.

My first floor friends were amazing. Their poetry was moving, and they captured the emotion perfectly. Knowing them as well as I do, I knew EXACTLY what the poems were about, and that made it all the better for me. I nearly cried, and didn't refrain from screaming in a most barbarian manner. Ah well.

There is so much more I could say about tonight, and I have no doubt I will, but I have been dancing all day, have just got home and sleep seems like a damn good idea.

Eight-Leggedly Yours
The Literary Spider
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Hello Darling Dears,

So a couple of days ago a published writer came in to speak to me and the other "avid readers and writers" in my circle. We all, as per instructions, brought some work we'd like to be read out. Quite a few of my friends brought essays, but I decided instead to bring a piece of world-building I'd only just written. It went well.

For a start, she went "oh my god, this girl can write!" and then she just sat there and read the entire thing again. Then she said I had a future in writing, something every aspiring author loves to hear, and asked me about the story. I told her it was neo-victorian and outlined the plot. She said it had promise. So, in short, she said nothing but good things. I thanked her, got up to leave, and then...

"One thing though, it's a little Cliche!" 

That, my friends, is how dreams are crushed.

Eight-Leggedly Yours, 
The Literary Spider

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 Hello all,

So as you know I'm going to BML (Bingley Music Live) again this year, because it's like my Leeds Fest and I love it to pieces. I was looking through the line-up again, making sure I knew who I was certainly going to see and when it was time to go buy chips, and I found a band. A Lancashire band called The Lancashire Hotpots. I am not exaggerating when I say they are one of the funniest groups I've ever heard. Just going to show that while the "cool" people listen to The Midnight Beast and the like, sometimes the Oldies' have been doing it better for years.  

So here you are, gals and guys, the wonderful Lancashire Hotpots! Posts to follow on some of the other bands playing this year!

And My New Feel Good Anthem!

Eight-Leggedly Yours,
The Literary Spider
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Hello All,

Today passed in a haze of exhaustion and a lot of internal dialogue that went along these lines:

Brain: For Gods sake Skye, go carry on with the Ominous Teen Novel! You always wine about having no time to write, now you have nothing but! If you spend one more minute on that horrible brain-rot Twitter I will go drown some of your IQ points without regret!
Me: Curse you. I've written two Rock Challenge articles, emailed them to Newsround and finished an essay about the relevance of marriage in today's society. I did all that TODAY. So do not judge me for sitting on Twitter & eating food, I haven't sat still for DAYS. Okay?
Brain: No. Go do more work...
Me: *Slinks onto Twitter"
Brain: NOW!
Me: *Sulk*

So that is todays position. I really do not think I have the energy to obey orders, so while I grapple with inner demons here is a random and incredibly emo sounding poem. Read as: I am procrastinating and should be character building right now.

From her mouth poured lines of splintered words
And prose, heady as wine and blood
Starlet eyes stare deep as chocolate
A songbird in a flightless wood

Daylight wolves encircle the lips
Of scarlet screams and smiles
Bright eyes hint at that was
And all that is for many miles

The well tread path bore many fruits
That spiraled, devoured and conquered through
The endless well of ink black dreams
And the bittersweet of endless blue

Eight-Leggedly Yours, 
The Literary Spider

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 Hello All,

So, you know that small indie *cough*worldwide*cough* dance/theatrical competition that is Rock Challenge? Well my school competed yesterday, and we won! This means we now are the bearers of the oh-so-modest title "Open Northern Champions". Hear that? I'm a CHAMPION! All that aside, it's not the winning I remember, as that was bittersweet, but the dancing and the meeting people.

The rehearsals were glory. In between running to the dressing room for hair and make-up, and our own practicing, all we did was watch the other schools. One did a awe-inspiring Disney with a twist piece, with an amazing gymnast and a tear-jerking soundtrack, while what must have been the most adorable primary school ever did a whimsical take on the "Art gallery at midnight" concept. Their was also a beautiful dance called Postcards From Heaven, which hovered between wistful and melancholy in a way that tore at the soul. Cancer Research was credited in the most harrowing thing I've ever seen, a piece about a promising young dancer thrown into uncertainty by cancer, who fought (and won) her mental demons as well as her illness in a teary but life-affirming climax. There were many other schools, I could go on forever, and all of them were absolutely wonderful performers, as well as people. 

Dancers are such characters. Just like Youtubers, Theatre-Kids and Fandom members, they're like an entirely different species. You can accidentally use someones can of glitter hairspray, and then the next minute you'll be leaning on them discussing your fave musicals like old friends. Or you can tell a group to "break a leg" and then after the show you can all cluster around the speakers in the dark, sprawled on the floor next to complete strangers who feel like family, holding hands and chanting and screaming like nothing else exists. You can meet people, compliment their accent and then feel genuinely upset when you have to leave the hugging, laughing and singing behind, because you felt so caught up in the lovely vibes, That's what happened to me.

Our school won, but when we were all sat in that circle in the dark we exchanged hopes and assurances that the other would win. When it was announced, they didn't cheer for us, they cheered WITH us, and hugged us and said how much we deserved it. In truth, we were upset they didn't win, as we thought they did. They were all such lovely people, bound to us by a love of the last minute "Hairspray and bobby pins fix everything" atmosphere and the will to keep dancing. I remember winning, but THAT I will cherish forever. Its times like that that make all the aching and bleeding and fatigue worth it...

Eight-Leggedly Yours,
The Literary Spider
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Hello all,

So I went to see the HH the Dalai Lama and Russell Brand today. I am completely awe-struck and without words on the whole subject. The thing I expected to be excited about was the fact I was six rows away from the bright-eyed imp that is Russell Brand, and he did not disappointed. He pranced around the stage with the electricity of all his stand up, yet he was humble and interested and immersed in the spirit of the thing, just as we were. He was entranced with the importance of the event, and his take on wisdom interspersed with light humor made the thing seem more relatable, more attainable, and more real because of it.

When the His Holiness entered the stage, everything stopped. it was like being in the presence of a king, or a scholar of the highest degree, and everyone fell silent. It was as if he would leave, disappear, like a fine apparition. It was like we were beneath him, and then..he laughed. it was a beautiful, bell-like peal. It was the laugh of a young man. He smiled, and the room lit up, we were all with him, caught up in his light, from the beginning. We weren't inferior any longer, we were (as he put it) fellow human beings.

When he spoke, everyone listened. Everything he said made sense, endless compassion and kindness, as well as his thoughts on what happiness meant. I felt myself get completely immersed in it, and somewhere along the way it reached me.... I felt like something struck a chord, and just from hearing him and Russell speak I discovered primary things myself.

In short, it was an inspiration. It was beautiful, transcendent and glorious and moving and enlightening and....just wonderful. Something within me has been changed, I know it. I doubt I'll ever experience something like that again.

So, to HH and to Russell Brand, I thank you. You opened my eyes and my heart, and I think I will be much more motivated because of it..

Eight-Leggedly Yours,
The Literary Spider


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