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Welcome, welcome! It's time for the second in my line of Bingley Music Live memories. These too bands are completely different except in the sense of comedy. Because these two bands especially that were amazingly hilarious and you need to listen to because they are just so damn epic and golden and full of sunshine!!!

First Off: The Lancashire Hotpots!

Yes, I'm aware I have talked about them prior to their gig, but they were so good I have no regrets in talking about them again. My friend went home on the first night, so that was sad, and then my dads friend went home on the second night, so no-one went to see them except for me and my dad. That was okay though, because it meant we could fight to the front (which we did) and by the time the thing started we were on the front row. 

This was not a gig, it was a show. I mean that in the most theatrical sense possible. My two chief loves (aside from Writing) are music and theatre, which explains why I adore musical theatre so much, and the Hotpots were a perfect mixture of both. They sang amazingly, but it was much more about the experience.Let me explain:

I'm sure you're all aware of the huge Yorkshire/Lancashire divide (war of the roses and all that) so I won't bore you with details. Going to the gig however, I was incredibly worried that this huge hatred would flare up, and it did. Standing at the fron't, drunk men all around started screaming Yorkshire, and of course the opposing side chimed in soon after. Now, I'm a Yorkshire lass at heart, so I joined in, only to stop a minute later with a brilliant idea. When the shouting died down, me and the parent screamed even louder.


It worked, everyone laughed and it was amazing. All through the gig the rivalry was shouted to the stage, and at one point we were all split into two, for a pantomime-style shout-off. Then the lead singer told all the drunk men to unite the red and white roses, and to stand proudly under a large pink flower. That went incredibly well. 

The songs they sang included "I fear Ikea", "Oh No, He's Turned Emo", "Larger, Bitter, Stout!" and "Chippy Tea" I was happy to find I remembered all the words, and earned a wink from the lead singer for singing as loud as I did and being as young as I was. They threw sweets into the crowd while dressed as Pirates to promote sneaking in your own sweets into cinemas, wore incredibly camp binmen suits for apparently no reason, and pretended to finish the set three times before they actually did. It was a good gig. 

And now, to Sadie & The Hotheads! 

These people were like the coolest older uncles and aunts you could ever wish to have. Appearance wise they harked back to a mixture of smooth Jazz musicians and Flapper Girls, and as they were set on a stage dressed with clocks, umbrellas, dusty books and violins, they fitted in perfectly. Looking at them in their trilbies and velvet outfits they looked like they'd just stepped out of the TARDIS.

I'm not going to lie, it was a quiet gig. It was raining, it wasn't the mainstage, and their wasn't all that many people there. However, it was one of the best gigs simply due to the quality of the music. Their personas and charisma were funny and bright and sparkling, but above all the music was ace. It's the kind of genre that just defies description, so I will show instead of tell, but this band deserves to be a lot, lot bigger than they are...

Sorry I posted less music this time, it's just these bands are hard to find and/or I've posted all my faves before. Oh, I'm so hipster!

Eight-Leggedly Yours,
The Literary Spider