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Of Chippy Teas & Emo's

 Hello all,

So as you know I'm going to BML (Bingley Music Live) again this year, because it's like my Leeds Fest and I love it to pieces. I was looking through the line-up again, making sure I knew who I was certainly going to see and when it was time to go buy chips, and I found a band. A Lancashire band called The Lancashire Hotpots. I am not exaggerating when I say they are one of the funniest groups I've ever heard. Just going to show that while the "cool" people listen to The Midnight Beast and the like, sometimes the Oldies' have been doing it better for years.  

So here you are, gals and guys, the wonderful Lancashire Hotpots! Posts to follow on some of the other bands playing this year!

And My New Feel Good Anthem!

Eight-Leggedly Yours,
The Literary Spider
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they are genuinely funny, thanks for sharing the link :-)