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An Evening I shan't Forget

Hello all,

So I went to see the HH the Dalai Lama and Russell Brand today. I am completely awe-struck and without words on the whole subject. The thing I expected to be excited about was the fact I was six rows away from the bright-eyed imp that is Russell Brand, and he did not disappointed. He pranced around the stage with the electricity of all his stand up, yet he was humble and interested and immersed in the spirit of the thing, just as we were. He was entranced with the importance of the event, and his take on wisdom interspersed with light humor made the thing seem more relatable, more attainable, and more real because of it.

When the His Holiness entered the stage, everything stopped. it was like being in the presence of a king, or a scholar of the highest degree, and everyone fell silent. It was as if he would leave, disappear, like a fine apparition. It was like we were beneath him, and then..he laughed. it was a beautiful, bell-like peal. It was the laugh of a young man. He smiled, and the room lit up, we were all with him, caught up in his light, from the beginning. We weren't inferior any longer, we were (as he put it) fellow human beings.

When he spoke, everyone listened. Everything he said made sense, endless compassion and kindness, as well as his thoughts on what happiness meant. I felt myself get completely immersed in it, and somewhere along the way it reached me.... I felt like something struck a chord, and just from hearing him and Russell speak I discovered primary things myself.

In short, it was an inspiration. It was beautiful, transcendent and glorious and moving and enlightening and....just wonderful. Something within me has been changed, I know it. I doubt I'll ever experience something like that again.

So, to HH and to Russell Brand, I thank you. You opened my eyes and my heart, and I think I will be much more motivated because of it..

Eight-Leggedly Yours,
The Literary Spider

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