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Yet another Youtuber

 Hello all...

So I was making the rounds of youtube as per usual, when I came across another girl vlogger. Now most of these usually only post make-up tutorials, humor vlogs with seemingly no point, or if I'm really lucky video's where they fangirl about the same things as me.., 

But today. Today I found something different, I found a channel that did all three. Not only that,but they are the first female vlogger I've ever found to talk about those hipsteresque issues that are interesting and relevant at the same time. Amazing! A girl actually standing up for her subculture in an articulate and hilarious manner, thank god! 

So here she is, gal of the hour so to speak: 

If I ever get the courage together to put my ugly-mug on camera, this is what I will be doing. Preach it girl! ((I'm never ever going to say that again ever))

Eight-Leggedly Yours, 
The Literary Spider

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