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 I really, really wanted them to get divorced.
Like really. 

Yes, I'm aware that makes me a monster but I did. Doctor Who is so good at making the most viscous real-life atrocities bearable; it's dealt with death, loss, genocide, racism and more. So if any show is qualified to bring up a subject that is just as taboo and tragic, I think Doctor Who may be it. And lets face it, although all the big horrors get dealt with, the little ones rarely do outside soaps, and they're the ones people relate to.

IDK, I just thought Moffat would have done well with it, and made it sensitive and realistic, because it felt a little Syrupy-not-real-happy-ending-niceness, and Moffat isn't exactly famous for that. Plus, and this the less mature reason, I really dislike Rory.

Sorry 'bought that.,,

In other news though, the episode was amazing. I wish they'd have made the Daleks a little more unsettling and crazed, and put a little more emphasis on the asylum part, but the twist was amazing and I really enjoyed it.

One thing though, how did the daleks but the chains on the the other Daleks...?

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 Hello all, 

So I know my LAST post was about my CATS ships, but I still bear no qualms about now posting all my crossover ships, of which I have many. For this, I am assuming CATS characters are more human than cat, allowing them to be with humans. Just to make things easier.

Frank-N-Furter/Bombularina - You can just see it! He's in love with the theater, with dancing and decadence, and to him there is nothing more important than a good time. She is the living embodiment of one, with her flirting and dancing and free-spirit. However, she is one of the Gumbi trio, meaning she also has a caring, soft nature. She would show him how being with one person instead of many is a good thing, and soften him to an extent where he is no longer such a villain. He would show her the joys of the theater. A match made not in heaven, but in the Underworld I should think.

Harley Quinn/Macavity - Do I even need to explain? He's a twisted villain with little sense of drama, she is pure drama. They would feed off of each others evil and would go on to do much worse things, only this time with flair!

Emcee/Victoria/Rumpleteazer - Going by Emcee's "Two Ladies" philosophy. He lives in a Cabaret club, and his live revolves around it. Anyone he is with would have to be performer material. Rumpletezer not only has a playful, impish character he can identify with, but has lived in the circus for a long while. She has been a clown, acrobat, tightrope walker and a quick changer, She would be a favorite at the club, and would be not only Emcees partner but also fierce friend, as the two revel in stardom together. Victoria would be like the lead from Moulin Rouge, an innocent who adores the stage. She would perform with less frequency, but her beauty would make her a favorite, and so would her talent. She would show Emcee the wonders of quiet and softness, something he is not familiar with, and he would show her all the escapism of the Kit Kat Club. Rumpleteazer would look out for Victoria and protect her from the true extent of the madness at the club, and Victoria would teach her how to be a little more of a lady. They would be like sisters almost.

Rum-Tum Tugger/Luna Lovegood - When you think about it, they are actually quite similar. Both do not care what others think of them, yet strangely enough draw people in. He would show off to her, but her queer blunt manner would take him aback and he would be fascinated. She would at first treat him like a friend, opening up to him as she does others, and showing him the wonders of imagination and believing. With her he would be just as cocky, but tender and not arrogant. He would show her the balance between her quiet life-style and showmanship. She, being so talented, would turn out to be a great singer, and he would teach her. It would be a relationship that took a while, but would be worth it.

Mistofelees/________ - I can't cross fandom him, because I only see him with Jemima. I was thinking Joanna from Sweeney Todd, but it still doesn't feel right. Sorry Misto, I'm afraid you're staying in the Junkyard! :)

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This is intended for nine year olds
No regrets

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Hello all,

 Attended a showing of The Hunger Games film the other day, and I thought I would share my all-important opinion (Note: that was intended as irony) From Haymitch to Rue and back again it was a great show, so here are my two cents...
Haymitch and Katniss were cast perfectly. From the start you could see the fragmented, distant relationship between Prim, her mother and her sister, even if you hadn't read the books. The reaping reminded one of The Lottery, a short dystopian story that can be read here, complete with a dismal yet clinical atmosphere captured beautifully by Gary Ross. Even the slow evolution that was Effie's un-likability was portrayed brilliantly and with humor, without the seriousness and relevance of the story being lost.
Another artfully composed scene was the one in which *SPOILER ALERT* Rues tragic death occurred. So carefully done was this part that even the most dry-eyed haters (Both the tributes who thought the adaptation was sacrilege and the film buffs who said shaky camera angles and hallucination scenes were oh-so cliche) were moved to tears. The games themselves were awe-inspiring, and inspired total immersion, as well as highlighting at least several hundred ships that fan-girls will be drooling over until at least the next movie.
My only criticism was that of Gales casting. I thought he didn't match up to the books, and the his fractured, introverted, angry personality didn't exactly come through. I suppose though that is personal opinion, just as some wished for a Kristen Stewart Katniss or a Daniel Radcliffe Peeta. So in conclusion, this is a film for tributes and non-tributes alike, especially those who wish to talk with inflated self-importance of  "The relevance of a dystopian film in a doomed economy era"....

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