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Doctor Who feels and Unpopular opinion. *SPOILERS*

 I really, really wanted them to get divorced.
Like really. 

Yes, I'm aware that makes me a monster but I did. Doctor Who is so good at making the most viscous real-life atrocities bearable; it's dealt with death, loss, genocide, racism and more. So if any show is qualified to bring up a subject that is just as taboo and tragic, I think Doctor Who may be it. And lets face it, although all the big horrors get dealt with, the little ones rarely do outside soaps, and they're the ones people relate to.

IDK, I just thought Moffat would have done well with it, and made it sensitive and realistic, because it felt a little Syrupy-not-real-happy-ending-niceness, and Moffat isn't exactly famous for that. Plus, and this the less mature reason, I really dislike Rory.

Sorry 'bought that.,,

In other news though, the episode was amazing. I wish they'd have made the Daleks a little more unsettling and crazed, and put a little more emphasis on the asylum part, but the twist was amazing and I really enjoyed it.

One thing though, how did the daleks but the chains on the the other Daleks...?

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