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Hello fellow Internet lingerers, once again I find myself apologizing for being absent.

Let's say I was being erratic to appear as though I lead an interesting and fast-paced life. In reality, I was busy doing (mostly) dull things, and getting so sucked into Tumblr that everything else ceased to exist. In fact, if my dash wasn't dead right now I'd be losing motivation as we speak. But it is, and I'm not, so I'm here.

It's been an interesting summer, it really has. West End Stage was the largest of hits, so big in fact that it deserves and will get its own post. Bingley Music Live was simply radiant, and will get a slightly larger post with lots of music in it. Shreck The Musical will be getting reviewed, and then you can expect me running my mouth about some deep video things I've been watching.

And that's excluding my Sherlock feels.

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The Literary Spider