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How dreams are crushed.

Hello Darling Dears,

So a couple of days ago a published writer came in to speak to me and the other "avid readers and writers" in my circle. We all, as per instructions, brought some work we'd like to be read out. Quite a few of my friends brought essays, but I decided instead to bring a piece of world-building I'd only just written. It went well.

For a start, she went "oh my god, this girl can write!" and then she just sat there and read the entire thing again. Then she said I had a future in writing, something every aspiring author loves to hear, and asked me about the story. I told her it was neo-victorian and outlined the plot. She said it had promise. So, in short, she said nothing but good things. I thanked her, got up to leave, and then...

"One thing though, it's a little Cliche!" 

That, my friends, is how dreams are crushed.

Eight-Leggedly Yours, 
The Literary Spider

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Pffft. Show me the author who wasn't putting out a little cliché at this stage of their career, and I'll show you C'thargh, Catoblepas God of the Cucumber People, live at the Royal Albert Hall.

The rest of the feedback seems very much in order. ;-)