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Hello All,

Today passed in a haze of exhaustion and a lot of internal dialogue that went along these lines:

Brain: For Gods sake Skye, go carry on with the Ominous Teen Novel! You always wine about having no time to write, now you have nothing but! If you spend one more minute on that horrible brain-rot Twitter I will go drown some of your IQ points without regret!
Me: Curse you. I've written two Rock Challenge articles, emailed them to Newsround and finished an essay about the relevance of marriage in today's society. I did all that TODAY. So do not judge me for sitting on Twitter & eating food, I haven't sat still for DAYS. Okay?
Brain: No. Go do more work...
Me: *Slinks onto Twitter"
Brain: NOW!
Me: *Sulk*

So that is todays position. I really do not think I have the energy to obey orders, so while I grapple with inner demons here is a random and incredibly emo sounding poem. Read as: I am procrastinating and should be character building right now.

From her mouth poured lines of splintered words
And prose, heady as wine and blood
Starlet eyes stare deep as chocolate
A songbird in a flightless wood

Daylight wolves encircle the lips
Of scarlet screams and smiles
Bright eyes hint at that was
And all that is for many miles

The well tread path bore many fruits
That spiraled, devoured and conquered through
The endless well of ink black dreams
And the bittersweet of endless blue

Eight-Leggedly Yours, 
The Literary Spider

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