Sep. 3rd, 2012

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 Hello Darling Dears!

This is the first of my BML memories, BML of course being Bingley Music Live, the festival I attended for the third year running. I reviewed it very quickly last year, if you've had the misfortune to be subscribed that long you'll know how slapdash and not very good it was. So, to remedy this I'm going to spotlight each band I saw seperatley. Or in two's. Probably the latter.

So here's Ep One; King Charles & We Are Evergreen.

We Are Evergreen went first, on the Raise The Roof stage, so it's only fitting they get the first review. In a word, Summery.

That's all I really need to say, because that's what they were. The sun was shining, everyone was trying to dance in wellies without spilling their drinks, the air was sweet and they were Summery. However, they weren't just a filler while the King Charles fangirls found their way to the front, oh no. I'd go so far as to say they were entirely unique.

Their website classifies them as Indie-Electro-Pop, and this fits the bill quite nicely. They're one of those bands you find in Youtube Narnia* at three in the morning, forget about, then find yourself humming as you pull your clothes on the next day. They were jangly, immensely funny to watch, and the way they swapped instruments constantly and with ease was amazing. All in all, they were the most endearing trio I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Also, they danced around a lot, their accents were adorable and the guy on the drums/guitar/others looked EXACTLY like Johnny Depp.

They were a good watch, and I will be going to see them again I think. So here's my favourites.

So that's that. They're at, so hit them up! You won't regret it, or you won't if you have any sense of childlike whimsy.

And Now: King Charles!

What can I say? I started the day knowing nothing more about him than his haircut and tendency to make girls squeal. Let me tell you, their screaming was entirely warranted, and I may be joining their ranks next time. His website has this to say about him, which is the most unassuming and modest sales pitch I've ever read: 

"King Charles is an extraordinary man. He doesn't look like anyone you know, he doesn't think like anyone you know and he doesn't make music like anyone you know."

Well how about that? I have to say though, it's true. When he walked out on stage, there was no doubt about who he was. You know those people who just have a vibe? And you see them and you just know that they're a little different, a little mad, a little genious? Well he had a vibe, and a strong one at that.

Soundwise, it's hard to say. Some of it was heavy and wailing, some of it sounded like the afore mentioned band. I'm no expert, but he's been compared by others to Prince, Adam Ant and Hendrix. I'll leave you to make up your mind about those claims, but the gig was exceptional. He stood on the drums, threw stuff into the crowd, did the international Jesus pose at least 11 times and even came out after to meet us. 

I daresay he's a decent lad who's going to get a hell of a lot bigger, so I advise you to listen to him NOW! It was a great gig, especially when he invited W.W.E back on stage and they all bounced around to We didn't start a fire until his dreads tumbled loose and the crowd lost their voice. 


Eight-Leggedly Yours
The Literary Spider

*Youtube Narnia: Click on one unsigned indie bands song and follow the trail of the related videos until you get the ones with barely any views, no literal lyrics, soulful guitar and comments like "I'm in Narnia and I never want to leave" It's good fun. I recommend it. 


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