May. 19th, 2012

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 Hello all

So I have even fewer regrets. I just watched all of Cats The Musical and realized I still know all the words. So, as a little self-indulgence, here are the ships I thought best throughout the film:

Jellylorum/Gus - This is very nearly canon, but she is a little younger. I just think they are adorable though! Him, haunted by the ghosts of a past he can barely remember and her, ready to pull him out of the darkness should he need it.

Jemima/Mistofelees - So, I know most see him with Victoria, but really? Just because they look good together. Mistofelees is not shy but he is quiet, a kind of understated gentlemen that not many acknowledge because of his mediocrity. I get the impression that until his magic, not many people care about him, as he is past kittenhood but not yet an adult tom. Jemima however is just as spiritual and soft-spoken as him, and if they were together they would be able to see the beauty in everything and be complete absorbed in the wonder and magic in everything.

Rumpleteazer/Rum-Tum Tugger - He's a rock god who just can't make up his mind, and she's a petty theif with a penchant for raising Cain. She would interest him with a life of danger, something he flirts with himself. He would show her the showmanship of being a lovable rouge. They would finally have someone to identify with, and their life would be full of adventure and scrapes...

Demeter/Skimbleshanks - Demeter has a past with Macavity. Now she is skittish and paranoid. Skimble would bring into her life the simple comfort and routine she craves. There would be no danger, just pure affection and light humor, allowing her to relax for the first time in a long time.

Mungojerry/Bomularina - Its simple. She's flirtatious and dangerous, teasing all those she comes into contact with, and although he's a villain, he's rather awkward and goofy. He would crush on her for a long time and would be too scared to say anything, and she would joke around and make him blush. But she alone would appreciate his irony and his thieving lifestyle, and would boost his confidence around others. He would teach her all the tricks of the trade, and show her how there is more than one way to have fun.

Victoria/Alonzo - I really do not know. I do however know that she is Mistofelees' best friend, and does not at all like Alonzo. I think perhaps, maybe Alonzo, because although he flirts his duties always come first, and he is very protective. She would draw his eye and they would fall slowly, and he would never look at any other cat after her.

So there you are, just my opinion of course.

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