May. 4th, 2012

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 Hello all,

So my darlings, I am very tired. I have been dancing even though I have been ill, and do not get off my medication until tomorrow, but I ammaking time to tell you all...
Happy Star Wars Day
May The Fourth Be With You!

and also to tell you all that tomorrow night there will be a Supermoon! Just in case you're not aware, a supermoon is a moon that appears much, much bigger than usual. They are supposed to be breathtaking. I advise you all to keep a sharp eye on the skies!

Last of all, I wanted to tell you I will soon be starting my epic Woodland Tea-Party plan.
 So if any of you any good ideas about what an amazing escapist tea-party in the woods would entail, please tell me. I would love to hear your suggestions! 

Eight-leggedly Yours
The Literary Spider


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