Apr. 27th, 2012

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 Hello all,

I apologize my hiatus, I had multiple dance shows to attend to. The first was the Bradford heat of Rock Challege, which, incidentally, we won! This was good, though  it does mean we have a tough time in the final ahead of us...but no matter, I am happy beyond belief about it!
The second was my own dance show. This went beautifully. It was utter bliss, and though I won't bore you with details, I won best contemporary AND best cheer, which is amazing. I won other awards too, but I do not wish to sound vain...

Now, onto the problem which prompted me to name this post as I did. I am currently locked in a battle with myself, trying to force myself to be the better person. So far, I am succeeding. However, I think what I think of as the better person, may be different to other peoples, so:

Being the BETTER person: Suffering in silence so as not to upset her. Because her not being nice is no excuse to hurt her feelings, and she may be doing it accidentally. It could just be me, being over sensitive.

Being the WORSE person: Telling her she's upset me and/or severing any  commitments I have to her. ((Doing her work for her, sitting with her, being in her band))

So, I am in great duress. I do not want to hurt her feelings, but why does she do it? I don't care if she carries on, I just wish to know why. There are times when I wish I could be that quiet kid who doesn't talk to people and is just left alone to get good grades and not be talked to.

/endrant. Here is a cool song, on me.

Eight-Leggedly Yours
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