Apr. 18th, 2012

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 Dear higher being of preference, Pottermore is fickle mistress. We wait months, and eventually convince ourselves that we hate all that is the website and that it will be awful when it is finally released, and then when it IS I gush like the pathetic fangirl I try not to be. Potterheads, I highly recommend it, but just for the record, I STILL can't wait for MyHogwarts in June! I got into Ravenclaw! I am exceedingly thrilled. If anyone wishes to duel me/add me, my name is CasteFeather21777. See you there, I suppose.

I should also tell you all that the newest short story is progressing more or less at ease, despite me having no idea where it is headed at the moment. I wish I could tell you learning Mandarin is going as smoothly, but I can't really because it isn't. I don't appear to have the knack, but I am persevering. Hopefully, I will get somewhere at SOME point in the near future...

Oh, and guys? You will never guess what I am doing in the summer. I  don't know whether to be terrified or ecstatic, but I am attending this bad boy:

Yes, I'm aware this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but everyone else attending (from the look of the promotion) are far beyond me in both skill and confidence, and I do not know how I am going to measure up. What if they try and make me sing solo? What if all of them are "those kids from the ballet school"? What if they expect me to be able to do ballet?(which I've never done ever in my life and don't plan to!)
To say the least I am frightened, but how bad can it be? Plus, it's only a week, and some of it (Like the end performance) could be so GOOD!

I'm in two minds....

Another thing I'm going to see this summer...

AMERICAN IDIOT LIVE! I'm on no uncertain terms for this, I am very excited indeed. I like Greenday, and I adore musicals, so I am going to have the time of my life! 

But enough about my summer, it seems so far away right now to be real.I suppose I shall have to trudge through the rest of the year first, no? What are your plans?

Eight-leggedly Yours
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