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Dear all, 

I just don't really know how to explain my absence, except to say that it was almost all warranted. I mean, so much happened!! So, so many things that have changed my life for the better in little and big ways, and while I know it was bad of me to neglect my social media empire real-life demanded to be listened to for once! 

To sum up, here is what happened: 

-My mum and dad, after 17 years, got engaged. It wasn't a standard affair either, he was performing Jet's Are You Gonna Be My Girl on stage, and pulled out the ring to the line the song is named after. It was divine.

-I performed my full run of school shows! We Will Rock You was a truly inspirational thing, my first and last, and best school show. I will never again be so happy to be cast as Madonna, I don't think. 

-And in other love related news, I can safely say I am no longer forever alone. All I am saying! :)

And there was a myriad of other things too, which I cannot really explain. They are the kinds of memories that are but sensory collections and blurry images to the soundtrack of a song you barely remember. Divine, but vague. Suffice to say, this has been my best Christmas in a long time, and I have that contented warm feeling that comes so rarely to me. 

Scheduled Broadcasting back again soon :)