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So I went to go see Rocky Horror (again!) With a very, very good friend and I had a really awesome time. The atmosphere, as always, was pure electric, and remembering it got me thinking about my sparkle. Now I'm not sure how many of you will relate to this, because I've never met anyone ever who admits to having one, but all I know is the sparkle is a very beautiful, and very dangerous thing.

You see, it's a kind of nostalgia, but rawer, more brutal, more enticing. It will convince you that all the things you are going to do pale into insignificance when compared to stuff you have done before. It makes all the past events, friendships and relationships seem edged with gold and tinted with rose-scented glory, a kind of beauty that you will never again attain, but did then, in the past.

And sometimes this sparkle gets out of hand. It is so beautiful that you can't help but believe it, and somewhere along the way you come to the conclusion that nothing will ever be as it once was and you have thrown away all the things that held the Sparkle.

It's in the friendships you let fade, the meet-ups with friends you declined. The relationships you ended or let end, the relationships you could of had but didn't go for, the relationships you could of had but were too scared. It's the friend of a friend you never got to know, the person across the room you never talked to.

The sparkle is in all the missed opportunities, and all the taken ones too, serving as a constant reminder that you never do enough, and that anything you do is worthless when compared to what came before. I know it well, and when I am down it is adictive to remember, the highest escapism. But I am trying not to let it affect me so, for the past is past.

Stay Present,
Your Skye