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Wishing I Was Somehow There Again

The classic Brit awards were on, and I, being the theatre child I am, decided to watch it.

To find Sierra and Ramin, my favourite Christine and Phantom ever to exist (Sorry Sarah) singing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. Cue me, on the floor, having a fullscale Phangirl breakdown, because it was the most exquisite thing I have seen in a long, long time. The chemistry, oh their chemistry! It was beautiful and haunting and painful and heartbreaking. And their voices, oh their voices! Crystal and gorgeous and a perfect storm, with him as the thunder and she the lightning.

I cannot explain the depth of my love for this musical. Something in the story grabbed me and wouldn't let go. All I know is as I saw Sierra up there, exquisite and ethereal, my passion to play Christine has never burned brighter. I want to play her, no matter how amutuer the production is. In a way, as my life echoes hers so closely, I am her.

And to all the musical theatre kids, and the thespians and the Phans; I know you will understand me when I say this...

One day, I will play her, and I will just want to drop dead right as the curtain falls, so I never have to live another second, and so I could live in a moment that perfect forever.

Do you have a dream-role like that, dear invisible reader?

Stay Different
Your Skye...

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