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the_literary_spider ([personal profile] the_literary_spider) wrote2012-10-07 08:05 pm

Halloween Weather

It feels like autumn. It really, truly feels like it. You can just tell, because the wind has changed. It's not lazy, as it was in summer, but awake and just a little bit foreboding. I love it, because autumn truly is my favourite season, and I often mourn the fact I am a summer child.

But no matter. It will soon be time to choose a halloween costume, and I have no idea what it is to be. Alice Madness, Christine (Phantom Of The Opera) Evil Snow White, or Columbia (The Rocky Horror Show)? I don't know, they're all so enticing, but chances are it won't be the 2nd one, as I doubt I'll be recognised. It's a tradgedy, the lack of Webber fans in my area...

What are you, dear non-existent reader, going as?

Stay Different
Your Skye...

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