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the_literary_spider ([personal profile] the_literary_spider) wrote2012-10-04 10:05 pm
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 Hello all,

So much has happened! We had our first costume meeting for We Will Rock You, and I am excited beyond belief! Leather, lace, velvet, and studs, what's not to like? We're channeling 80's rockers, which is essentially my entire wardrobe. 

In other news, I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 last weekend. From one student to the world, I strongly recommend it, it's like a scrapbook meets PC meets Planner meets Best Friend. I adore it, even if it is causing me to waste so, so much time. 

Also, DOCTOR WHO! I cried.. But only at the River/11 parts, which were just too much. Moffat...!

So that's the updatey thing,

Eight-Leggedly Yours, 
The Literary Spider

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